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A bit sneezy but well and working as an artist. Getting a 3 state gig soon, and some big drawing gigs. Wanna get colouring book up 4 xmas too.

Dragging out old gaming stuff for USA scene for release next year.

Gamer blog here:

Ill just dump some pix and get going then:

Student collab

My hero

An old one of mine 6 years+

My fave Adelaide one

Hometown Visit

Newspaper i did - SMC cover - i helped colour

Bunkwaa and me

stolen image - my syd pic - for game club in bookshop

the lovely Raen - I got to MC Dinosaur uv jelly wrestling at the natural history museum - go figure



Life has been busier and every client paid at last so ive paid my bills and stocking up the larder for future cashflow crisis. Still hope to move where i can paint agian.

I have been doing lotsa interesting things. Working on legal graff wall pilot scheme for local gov, making a magazine, performing as a dinosaur hunting carny for jelly wrestling dino girls, making dino dollars, lotsa silly stuff.

Year is looking up.

dino wars - ive been in my dino hunting outfit running cary games like nerf-dino-shooting gallerey for jurraric lounge at australia museum - big fun making art and other stuff - i has in WA and QL and NSW state papers as sydney a-list in society pages - ha ha wot a joke

Stickers for anyone to use to ad to art pr ads or anything they dont like

australia day paste up around town - dont know artist but nice

More nice stuff by someone i dont know

uncanny xmas with family - mom with dogs on goolwa beach, moms RSPCA kitten fattening run - always has fresh kittens - very cool - her sheep dog loves being mum

digital stuff

wall up close in adelaide

paste ups i did with kids

barry mcgee sydney

live art circular key

Pastemodernism3 worlds biggest paste collab on outpost - biggest street art fest in sth hemisphere - i was teaching here and had work up - big fun more pix on flickr

pastemodernism pool - with PM 1-3

more jurrasic lounge dinosaur stuff

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My LJ account is where i blog after comming out my cave after a big slump - this time even more so.

The last month was pretty hellish and i reached an alltime low for unreliability and failing in general. Went from having afluence and half a house to myself to living in a small room with no room to work, no regular job and living day by day on loose change and busking. September exploded into what is usually a busy time for my doing tours, teaching and exhibitions and events. 7 days a week.

Basicly while being exhausted, sick and depressed at letting several projects fall apart
considering retiring full time art to something more regular like prison industry


Firstly probably last possible chance for anyone to register for Pastemodernism 3

If you dont know this is the biggest paste-up art event the world - mentioned on wooster and juxtapose websites. It is a great melting pot of artists of all pewrsuations and this year is a part of the massive outpost festival on cockatoo island - the biggest street art event in the southern hemisphere.

here is the web site
here is the flickr group featuring the pool of the last 2 years
here is the FB group!/groups/156554641044638/

all you really need to do is refgister and send your art on ready to paste form like a poster or print
plenty of artists new to theis medium involved - see website for details

im also looking to interview ppl for this event



ive been running this on/off since 2002 with various helpers. This year we recieved our funding 5 weeks late which made me cancel most event i didnt have time to work on during school holidays and the lead up to them. im still hoping to put on some of thers over then summer

publish a broad sheet 34 page newspaper one shot mostly on art

a show featuring several foamcore mounted postcard sized tiles of street art photographers work

a show on cencorship

a show with artist cover gallerey with one roll of paper, draw on it in B&W, get kids to colour in then paste up

a show where artists paint on miniture model dumpsters designed by tomek

anyone interested sing out

me on abc tv - state current affairs - i was interviewed 3 years ago-ish
ended up here a few weeks ago

well here are some pix of what ive been doing recently

11 year olds first pieces of some kids i taught at thge casula art tank

me and bunkwaa paper pals for kidz

live art taylor square night markets for punkmonk
anyone keen emaIL me at

kids colouring me in sweatshop

nice new wall

one of my tour groups 70 ppl one day

christie torrington liquid lighgt for punkmonk at jurrasic lounge

jurrasic lounge is artists bands and djs live in natural history museum

STAX at changing lanes festival - penny farthing rotates the pyramid which has interchangable panels
by about 26 artists - looked good

live art for ST2k and Fringe fest

christie with work

me for punkmonk at verge festival sydney uni
talking with students made me wanna study medieval/classical lit again

my collage at jurrasic lounge for punkmonk

cool sticker

live art for a warehouse party

warmup for the home streach

instead of going overseas ive been moving - next get new job and ST2k for 20011 fest to manage

hoping on having:
broadsheet newspaper
popup gallerey
-affordable street art mart
-cencorship show
-flickrs most prolific street art photographer exhibit

looking like a busy last quarter for year

here are a few goodies from sydney last few months

I did about 30 throwup artworks on stray wood while prepping to move - this one best - not reproducible lucky accident of my signature girl

I know im too sickly and frail to sk8 but ive always been a fan of sk8 culture since i used to watch my brother make boards in the seventies. This was a late entry for a charity show which i missed when curating a kids exhibition for city os sydney. I have several more on assembly line.

A nice one by fukt who is probably the most exiting stenciler in sydney right now. Comment on our supposed leftie government turning cencorship mad - want aretists to have to pay to have work classified like film, theatre, books etc - a prohibitavley expensive and retarded position.

oh really closing down art

letting kids colour in my art is awesome fun

strange design i did - any welcome any to explain

needs mouth and roo foot fixed but ok prelim design

another playful lil design - girl from old sugar add

steel table tennis table i did with aboriginal kids in slurry hills - red yello black with TJ Hickey heads - local kid killed while being chased by police (various interpretations of this story) - which i like to put on any city of sydney mural - locals seem to aprove. Community mural should look like kids did it right?

nu stuff

finally spychologicaly ovr stuff
able to write and post again

im owed money and a bit povo so been antisocial and reading listening to music - most friends think this is pretty cool

my new blog:

time for changes - will look for new work - home - career - studies shortly

so since my australia top model and fashion week stuff ive done lots
as alway proof on my flick - also a pretty pussy or two

urchin books counter puss

mines the green face but iwajima-mcdonalds ad nice scale

me smc bunkwaa



yasemin took me to be a photo gimp for alex grey talk
i took this slightly freaky pix
alex grey live

elaide artis store - while ovr 4 xmas

more adelaide goodness - a nice scene emerging again

nice pro wiki leaks atuff adelaide

my moms lakefront

me an olli

me and smc did some art for choice magazine - a consumer advovacy org




blue chip wikileaks tribute

more blue chip

mr skel

work on choice - my stencillayer

stencil placards

stuff i made 4 kids

kids colour my art

a water colour

a print

last few from st2k streetart fest i put on last year

doodle day - drawing games st2k

smc mural at the vanishing point st2k

mel mural at the vanishing point st2k
its about soviet ocupation of baltic

my poster and zine in nerds and werds show st2k

me and smc for laneway show st2k
we hijacked a lane into a gallerey and sold better than any show ever


zine making day st2k hardware gallery



movement at westsyde connection st2k


australias buiggest annual paste event - paste modern


phew - this is my quarterly report out

Nu stuff St2K

Ive been busy working towards ST2K festival - my streetart and diy event since 2003

loadsa events and stuff hastily knocked together
im just getting over sleep deprevation now
plus "networking" over beer too many days in a row
mild halucinations and every second thing fucks up day after binge can go away now (clumsier than when i was actualy drunk couldnt paint a curve)

fringe fest in sydney we are a part of is awesome and i think really needed
feels more lose and less contrived than many sydney events

spent day painting with the movement crew

got to draw toons in state gallerey for charity next to some of my lifelong fave aussie painters

heres the pix and links cheers
this is the fgestival folder has program pages and updates to art

you can upload the pdf program and see godots awesome cabbie eye view of sydney streetart here:

and a facebook thing!/event.php?eid=158363777510143&index=1


(no subject)

Phew - a wacky coupla months and managed to survive managing munchkins and having exciting social ops and fun drawing get 2gethers. Have been fairly healthy self suppoting my self tenaciously throughb art and acumulating some really fucking cool records and some good books. Sorting my stash of shelves got me back into music and reading.

Dumped lotsa comics and books - some good sf and roman history and some old sf picture books and books on armour (i now wish i wish i had shredded some for collage). Still i found some books on assyria/babylonia/sumerian history (pssst Iraq) which has got me reading instead of killing mutants in fallout wiyh as few bullets as possible.

Seen alot of cool street art - lots of beef 2 and my friends getting in trouble with laws and others getting work tagged on by nazis. Also amazed how proffesional the whole street art world is now.

Crews talkin ABN numbers, business plans tax advice not just chillin and drawing. Five years after cleaning out street art from some chic streets and its back but now indoors.

Awesome street art!!!
kids sticker sheet
ms helen

Recent Adventures

Have been pretty busy this year - april did 7 days a week which im still living off. The last month ive been recovering and feeling a bit shy and in need of lotsa quiet time and not dealing with people. I do find i go through little phazes like this and i used to perform and stuff as a way of battling these tendancies. Probably need to do something again to stop being increasingly isolated. My spell of bad health last year made me more so too - feeling like im dying cramped my amour a bit. Even online ive been pretty shy - just getting over now. Had my 40th birthday so feeling a bit introspective. Have been cracked onto by old greek men, prostitutes with bad teeth and makeup and old women. Sigh.

Art been doing well - couple of movement crew shows, fashion week, a tv set furnature, some 12 aniversary of my crash campagn posterrs and some bad taste humour.


TV Set Furnature

12 year puff poster

Me an Bunkwaa Collab

Pine St Mural

Beaky the emu made in our little sweatshop with kids

Puffs of the north - zine out soon - my fave toon canvas yet

Octopus love

Roadkill gag from a funny mood

all this more and bigger under konsumterra flickr page

Street Dreams - Format - ST5k

just back from adelaide fringe and festival of arts season
i was there for the street art stuff mostly

the city looked busy and the celebrations were well attended
many shops were empty and closed on sat and after lunch
lotsa friends laid off since xmas

phd grads working in bbq wherehouse stores and other tragedies
the city is seriously depressed and distant suburban boguns now getting about more do to improved public transport - more agro on the street and bad vibes and intolerance
free bikes might be better than improved public transport im thinking

had a nice interview here:

street dreams and format are decendants of my st5k fest yaz and i started in 2003 - following our strt zine and street art tours in 2002 - from a rooftop zine and diy fair in 2005 during a st5k - a healthy scene has emerged and now they have a one year lease at the format venue

the street dreams was the street art arm of the whole project
with my projector-bike tour show - inspired by GRL new york guys i worked with 2 years ago
there were workops - i learned stuff from stores writing gig
a paint t-shirt party
met lotsa cool old and new artists i was inspired by
a exhibit of designer scale model dumpsters painted by various artists

all posted on my flickr here

tour pix here:!/photo.php?pid=3455537&id=36823167729

the year so far...

Spent xmas and ny in adelaide - did lotsa work, caught up with my besties, drank lots, used the phone lots and even saw more street art than my last visit. My old pad was gone and i couch surfed and wasted lotsa time moving abot and still not see anything. Busked lots which was good - $70 bucks fot 2hrs a day. Covered my beer and resteraunt tab well.

Got back - did kids holidays then went to melb with craig to do paSTE AT MELBOURNE MCA AND SYDNEY COCKATOO ISLAND

Hung out at blender studios with haha and spent sun arvo with yaz. Awesome trip. Getting more work teaching. Been pasting hard and being fairlyt creative.

Having streetart fest in sydney october this year
still working on my temporary pop shop plans

feeling nostalgic and uploading more old work.
all on flickr under konsumterra
3 years in sydney this month

1. Crown casino - world greed lobby - melbourne - 1 year b4 the more famous s11

2. ants invade sydney in the 30s

3. Teaching kids how to giff - mr puffy goes to sea or puffboat puffy
mr puffy konsumterra animation

4. my first job in sydney - curating may's lane

5. paste 4 blackberry - cockatoo island

6. journaling after watching 50 betty boop cartoons

7. me pasting for the man - even without ciggarettes, nudity and politics i still was glad that the 2/3 content i replaced was still nasty

8. melbourne street

9. adelaide street

10. sydney street - former australian and current prime ministers